Adhesives & Sealants

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  • 3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300ml

    3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300ml

    Anti-Seize Copper Spray (300ml Aerosol).Prevents seizure from high temperature and corrosion.Assists dismantling of threaded fasteners.Prevents disc brake squeal.Can be used on disc brakes, spark plugs, threaded fasteners, battery terminals etc.
  • Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    For application to nuts, bolts, pipework, keys, keyways & for all general assembly work where future dismantling is likely.
  • Bars leaks radiator sealant 150gr
  • Radiator Sealant Pellets, 25g

    Radiator Sealant Pellets, 25g

    Radiator Sealant Pellets 25g
  • Radiator Sealant, 135ml

    Radiator Sealant, 135ml

    Radiator Sealant - Stops coolant leaks in radiator, block, cylinder heads, core plugs etc. Inhibits rust & corrosion. Lubricates water pump. For cooling systems of up to 17 litres (3.7 Imp gallons). Used & recommended by motor manufacturers worldwide.
  • Surface Seal, Loctite 518 Pen - 28g

    Surface Seal, Loctite 518 Pen - 28g

    The new LOCTITE 518 Pen is a leak-fighting flange sealant with an easy to apply roll-on applicator. It’s the fastest way to apply reliable and long-lasting liquid gaskets, without any mess or waste.Use LOCTITE 518 to:Fill gaps and voids to prevent leaksReduce inventory— one package for any size or shape gasket neededPrevent corrosion for easy disassembly
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