Electrical Testers

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  • 12v Electrical Circuit Tester

    12v Electrical Circuit Tester

    Allows easy tracing of electrical faults. All metal construction with steel probe. To verify isolated cables, unscrew the protective cap, earth the crocodile terminal and pierce the cable covering with the steel probe.DO NOT LEAVE UNDER LOAD FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS. *FOR USE ON 12V DC CIRCUITS ONLY.
  • Diagnostic test lead set

    Diagnostic test lead set

    Complete lead kit for Automotive diagnostics.Contains almost all connection leads for connecting to sensors, valves, connectors, injectorsAll leads are arranged properly in pairs ''Male & Female'' and by terminal sizesIncludes ATC adapter Mini and Maxi fuses and ATC Current loop to be used with an Amp ClampIncludes Piercing Extra Sharp Probes. This innovative design gives enough retention force to pierce through the wire’s insulatorNew variable resistor of with 10KO (instead of 5KO ) dial indicator. Quick and easy way of resistance adjustment without the help of a multi-meter during simulation of resistance related sensing devicesAirbags simulator : Used to confirm SRS Airbag power input by connecting it first to check for any short circuit before installing new SRSReplaceable resistors! 3 of 2 ohms - 2,2 ohms – 2,7ohmsLED Stroboscope: For checking series of terminals for correct wiring. Also for pulse or signal comparison between injectors. LED turns redfor reverse polarity. LED turns green for correct polarityAlso includes general purpose components; Alligator clips, Banana plug to be used with multimeters, 3 ways extension plugs and detachable testprobesUltra thin lead for multipins connector
  • Digital multimeter

    Digital multimeter

    Measures:Voltage DC : 600VVoltage AC : 600VCurrent DC : 10ACurrent AC : 10AResistance : 20MODiode check : test current of 1mA maximum, open circuit voltage 2.8V DC typicalContinuity test : audible signal will sound if the resistance is less than approximately 30OTemperature: from -20°C to 760°C
  • Electrical Voltage tester

    Electrical Voltage tester

    VAT VOLTAGE AND CONTINUITY TESTER:Voltage, continuity, polarity and phase tester with flashlightLarge backlit LCD display with bargraphLCD AC/DC voltage indication: 6V, 12V, 24V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V, 690VPolarity detection shown on the LCD display Continuity test with audible tonePhase rotation test Integrated flashlightIP64 housing dust- & waterproofOvervoltage class CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600VVAT self-test button
  • Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

    Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

    Suitable for testing circuits from 6V to 24V.Polycarbonate handle.Steel contact probe.1.5m heavy duty lead fitted with crocodile clip.
  • Scope & Multi Tester

    Scope & Multi Tester

    Specially designed for automotive electrical circuit’s trouble shooting from 0 to 50 VoltsEasy and simple to use.No extensive electrical knowledge neededFully protected.Measures:•Amps draw (Mini, ATC or Maxi) without removing the fuses from the Fuse Box.•Voltage (max. 50VDC)•Cranking Volts with auto HOLD function (12/24 Volts)•Resistance [Ohms] (from 0.0 O up to 1.0 MO)•Frequency from 0 to 20 KHz, peak to peak volts on the same display and Duty Cycle (%)•Continuity test•Diode/ LED testCE ApprovedIdeal for CanBus electrical systems.Screen colour coding.Requires x3 AA batteries.Batteries not included.
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