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Engine Overhaul Kits

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  • Engine Overhaul Kit Fits 23C 4 Cyl Diesel Engine

    S.41944 - Engine Overhaul Kit Fits 23C 4 Cyl Diesel Engine

    ContainsWithout Valve Train Kit, 4 x S.75974 Piston, 4 x S.42135 Ring Set, 4 x S.42627 Liner, 4 x 43160 Conrod Bush, 1 x S.40587 Head Gasket Set, 1 x S.40603 Botton Gasket Set, 1 x 42195 Seal, 1 x S.42233 Seal, 4 x S.40474 Valve Inlet, 4 x S.40484 Exhaust Valve, 4 x S.60193 Valve Guide (Inlet & Exhaust), 4 x S.60194 Valve Guide, 8 x S.40499 Inner Springs, 8 x S.40504 Outer Springs
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